U-SAVED Federation-France

U-SAVED wants to be a community. Because the first aid that must be provided, the one that has the most impact and that is most expected, is to show solidarity. We organize ourselves as a federation whose objective is to increase and improve the capacities of local actors in the field.


  • François Dupaquier, President

    A jurist in international law, François Dupaquier is a humanitarian expert specializing in evaluation and operational strategies. He has nearly 20 years of experience in dozens of political crises and armed conflicts around the world. He has worked closely with many NGOs and multilateral and bilateral agencies. He heads the FrontView consulting firm, which evaluates and audits the humanitarian projects of NGOs, donors and international organizations. He is also an audiovisual producer and novelist for Fayard editions.

  • Sophie Stepanoff, secretary

    Sophie STEPANOFF specializes in project management and team management for the benefit of vulnerable groups: 5 years in the emergency humanitarian aid sector, 9 years in the field of the fight against HIV/, malaria and diabetes AIDS as director of an association, then 6 years in the medico-social sector. Currently in a management position in 2 accommodation establishments for people with disabilities in Marseille, commitment and work with the most vulnerable groups are the driving force behind her professional career.

  • Galla Bridier, tresory

    After studying political science, Galla got involved in humanitarian aid in Central Asia, Indonesia and Chechnya. Back in France, she founded an association to help Chechen women who were victims of violence and campaigned for the right to housing. She worked for several years as a manager in an HLM office in Seine-Saint-Denis. In 2014, she was elected in the municipal elections and became Councilor of Paris to the environmental group then deputy mayor in charge of seniors and autonomy. After a stint as director of autonomy for the Gard department, she joined a Franco-Ukrainian company just before the war. She then founded the association “Pour les mères d’Ukraine” which welcomes mothers and their children in France. Then she participated in the creation of U-Saved, convinced of the concept and the need to help the populations there in connection with local structures.

  • Pierre Dupaquier, communication and events

    Pierre began his career in a communication agency before founding the “We are from LA” collective. He quickly got noticed by making clips for musicians like Kanye West or Cassius. He uses digital tools and interactivity in innovative creations, notably creating the first smartphone application dedicated to a musical title. He went on to produce and win prizes until 2013 when he imagined and directed Pharrell William’s music video “Happy”. With this 24-hour clip, which has been viewed more than a billion times in a few weeks, he won the Grammy Award for best video of the year in 2015. Since then, he has continued to achieve international successes on the projects he develops. U-Saved owes its name in particular!

  • Julien Bessi, chartered accountant

    Chartered Accountant, Statutory Auditor, Certified Fraud Examiner, Julien Bessi is an expert in donor accountability requirements. He is a reference for audit donors with Anglo-Saxon firms for France (ECHO, DG Research, DG Employment, EIT, Europeaid, EACEA, Erasmus). He is particularly accustomed to issues of structuring, modeling flows, and setting up processes within organizations. He is an associate of the firm FrontView with which he founded the PHLOEM accounting cooperative.